Explanation of each of the basic search terms

These are the options you can use without clicking the advanced search options (more on those later).

Unit Name: This was the offical name of this unit

Side:The side (Union or Confederacy) that this unit fought for


	ART: Stands for Artillery
	ATY: This also stands for Artillery. 
 	CAV: Stands for Cavalry
	CS: Stands for Confederacy. It means this unit was a combination of various Confederate units. 
	ENG: Stands for Engineer 
	INF: Stands for Infantry
	US: Stands for Union. It means this unit was a combination of various Union units. 

State: The state this unit was created in

Search: By clicking the search button, you will tell the database to look for all the units that match the specifications that you entered

Explanation of each of the advanced search terms

By clicking the advanced search checkbox, you can add more specifications for your search

Commander: The person who commanded this unit

Casualties Percentage: The percentage of soldiers in this unit who were killed in action, wounded in action, or went missing in action. You have three options for percentage of casualties

Strength: The number of soldiers in this unit. You have five options to select, based on size

At Perryville: Not all units in this database were actually in the Battle of Perryville, for one reason or another.

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