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Report of Ebenezer Gay’s Cavalry (OR. Vol. 16, Pt. 2, p. 552-553)


September 28, 1862.


Major BUFORD, Assistant Adjutant-General:

     I have the honor to transmit the following list of regiments of cavalry under my command:
     Ninth Pennsylvania, Colonel [Edward C.] Williams, about 600 effective men.
     Ninth Kentucky, Colonel [Richard T] Jacob, 800 effective men.
     Second Michigan, Lieutenant-Colonel [Archibald P.] Campbell, 300 effective men.
     Sixth Kentucky, Colonel [Dennis J.] Halisy, 700 effective men.
     Seventh Kentucky, Major [John K.] Faulkner (disorganized).
     Eleventh Kentucky, Major [Milton] Graham, 400 effective men.
     Fourth Indiana, not reported, unknown.      It is now said to be on the Bardstown road.

     With the exception of the Ninth Pennsylvania and Second Michigan these regiments have never been drilled at all and are perfectly raw.

The Ninth Pennsylvania and Second Michigan can be depended upon.

     This list I have made out here, estimating numbers from memory.  Morning reports were ordered to be sent in this morning, but up to the time of my leaving camp had not come in.  Some of the regiments do not know what a morning report is, never having heard of such a thing, or a roll call.

     If I can have a few days' rest for these new regiments I can do a great deal toward organizing, arming, and instructing them.  It has been impossible to accomplish much in this respect since I have commanded them, they being on constant duty nearly all the time.

     I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Chief of Cavalry.



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