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52nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment
(Dan McCook’s Regiment)

The 52nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry was organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, in August, 1862 under Colonel Dan McCook.  They were mustered into Federal Service on August 22nd, 1862. 

Company A was recruited from Paulding and Van Wert Counties
Company B from Mt. Pleasant and Smithfield, Jefferson County
Company C from Barnesville, Boston and Somerton, Belmont County
Company D from New Comerstown and New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County
Company E from Bloomfield, New Alexandria and Steubenville, Jefferson County
Company F from Belmont County
Company G from Jefferson County
Company H from Cincinnati, Hamilton County and Fairfield County
Company I from Cleveland, Painesville and the Western Reserve
Company K from Cincinnati, Hamilton County

It immediately went to the field, leaving their camp on August 25th by train to Cincinnati. Here, it was presented with a silk National flag inscribed “McCook’s Avengers” in reference to the murder of Robert McCook, Dan’s brother.  That afternoon, the regiment crossed the Ohio River into Covington, KY.  They had 981 men, 14 field and staff officers, and 28 line officers for a total of 1,019 men.  They then went to Lexington by rail.  They arrived there on the morning of the 26th.  It followed the retreat from Lexington after the Battle of Richmond, KY to Louisville (Arriving there on September 6th) where the regiment was attached to the 36th Brigade, 11th Division, Army of the Ohio, to October, 1862.

Casualties of the 52nd Ohio Infantry at Perryville


    LAST        FIRST  MIDDLE        RANK AGE Co  Date of Death   REMARKS


         CARTER     GEORGE     W.          COR  22  B  (Wounded)  Listed on Hospital Rolls

    GOLLIVER   TOVANION   "JOHN"      PVT  20  A  (Wounded)  Hospital Roll says "GROVER"

    GRINER     EDWARD                 PVT  18  H  (Wounded)  Shot in Arm, Cowen says “Grimes” in his report.

    HOWELL     GILMORE                PVT  20  C  12/23/1862 MWIA Buried in Danville (157)

    KING       JAMES      G.          COR  31  F  11/20/1862 MWIA Buried in Danville (293)

    MILLIGAN   JOHN                   PVT  34  D  10/29/1862 MWIA Buried in Danville (043)

    MONEYSMITH JAMES                  PVT  26  I  10/22/1862 Shot in Shoulder. Died in Louisville.

                                                             Mentioned in Cowan’s Report.

    NEWIGER    ADOLPH                 PVT  41  I  (Wounded)  Captured and Paroled October 10, near Perryville.

    REYNARD    JOHN                   PVT  22  B  11/08/1862 MWIA Buried in Danville (330)

    WILSON     GEORGE                 PVT  24  E  (Wounded)  Wounded Slightly in the hand in the morning
                                                             then more severely in the shoulder later.
                                                             Mentioned in Cowen’s Report. Discharged for
                                                             disability on February 1, 1863


Count:      10



Other Members of the 52nd Ohio Regiment from the Roster

Field and Staff

Dan McCook, 27, Colonel; Brigade Commander.
Daniel D.T. Cowen, 37, Lt. Colonel; Commanding Regiment.
Israel D. Clark, 43, Captain Company A, “Acting Major” at Perryville.
John J. Troxel, 34 (Promoted from Pvt., Co. H to 1st Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster)
Francis Duff, 25 (Promoted from Pvt, Co. I to Hospital Steward August 22, 1862)

Company A

William H. Bucke, 43, 1st Lieutenant; “Acting Captain”, Officially promoted just after Battle.
William H. Kaffman, 25, 2nd Lieutenant, Officially promoted to 1st Lt. Just after Battle.
John Seeman, 24, 1st Sergeant.  Promoted in May from the ranks.”
James H. Scott, 23, Sergeant
James Conway, 21, Corporal
John S. Baxter, 19, Corporal
William H. Anschultz, 25
Daniel Brittsan, 19
Andrew Bowers, 22
Andrew Colter, 19
Henry Dryer, 25
Nimrod Emerson, 22
John H. Frankenberg, 32
Solomon Hunsacker, 23
James J. Jackson, 33
Joseph Kannel, 23
John W. Murphy, 25
McCaslin McGonagle, 19
James O’Brian, 31
William H. Payne, 19
Edwin W. Royce, 31
John H. Styner, 27
Christian Trubee, 46
John J. Vangundy, 22
Archibald Winget, 20
Joshua Zelliner, 20

Company B

Charles W. Clancy, 30, Captain
William A. Judkins, 31, 2nd Lieutenant
Lemuel W. Duff, 24, 1st Sergeant
Henry B. Mercer, 23, Sergeant
Samuel Mustard, 29, Corporal (Got sick and died on November 11, 1862 at Bowling Green)
Walter A. McCollough, 28, Corporal
Alexander W. Alloway, 19
Matthias F. Blackburn, 29
Elijah M. Chadwell, 23 (Got sick and died on November 15, 1862 at Nashville)
Virginius Duval, 23
Christopher Flynn, 38
Addison Gasaway, 22
William H. Harrison, 23
George F. Irvin, 27
Thomas A. Jobes, 20
Harvey Kauffman, 20
Allen T. McMasters, 38
James R. Nation, 29 (Got sick and died on January 9, 1863 at Nashville)
David Paxton, 22
Joseph Ross, 29
Horatio D. Stanton, 44
William H. Timmerman, 19
Uhriah H. Updgraff, 29
Edwin R. Worthington, 19
Plumber P. Young, 19

Company C

Jacob E. Moffitt, 30, Captain
Ezekiel E. Mills, 32, 2nd Lieutenant
William Starbuck, 32, 1st Sergeant
William J. Bradfield, 22, Sergeant
Isaac Yocum, 32, Corporal
Newell K. Buchanan, 22, Corporal
Francis M. Acton, 27
Exum Bailey, 48
James Chance, 36
George W. Day, 23
James Evans, 18
Webster J. Folger, 25
George Golding, 25
Chapman Havener, 28
William Latham, 25
Ezra J. Mann, 22
John H. McKendree, 26
Franklin Neff, 19
Sherrow W. Parker, 22
Benjamin F. Perkey, 23
Asa T. Patterson, 23
John Rucker, 31
Alfred Stiffler, 20
Ellis C. Tomlinson, 26
Isaac Teats, 19
Wesley W. Wildman, 21

Company D

Matthew L. Morrow, 29, Captain
Salachiel M. Neighbor, 28, 2nd Lieutenant
William Laffer, 24, 1st Sergeant (Reduced to ranks January 7, 1863)
Henry C. Maxom, 36, Sergeant
Luthur B. Ricketts, 24, Sergeant
Levi Shull, 21, Corporal
Alfred Peck, 26, Corporal (Discharged at Louisville on October 27, 1862)
William K. Armstrong, 20
Sylvanus Baker, 27
Josiah Brolyer, 20
David Carr, 33
Henry Dilly, 23
Joseph S. Evans, 22
Charles H. Fishley, 19
Jacob Goerlitz, 47
Isaac Howard, 19
Samuel T. Hensil, 27
John Kirk, 39
Peter Lambertz, 43
John Milligan, 34
George W. Neighbor, 22
William A. Obaver, 20
John Peck, 24
Charles M. Rittenhouse, 36
Henry Schwietzer, 25
Lafayette Smith, 23
William E. Tyler, 27
Oliver A. Vogenity, 21
Robert Wineman, 22 (Got sick and died on November 12, 1862 at Nashville)
Luther Weaver, 24

Company E

Parker A. Elson, 37, Captain
Henry O. Mansfield, 29, 2nd Lieutenant
James H. Donaldson, 23, 1st Sergeant
Alexander B. McIntire, 21, Sergeant
E. Tappan Hanlon, 24, Corporal
David M. Scott, 22, Corporal
Daniel Arnold, 26
Robert M. Blackburn, 19
Thomas Crown, 23
Ellis Dalrymple, 21
Alexander Douglas, 22
George Fenwick, 30
Vachiel Gallaway, 39
Harman Hukill, 45
Joshua Johnson, 19
John Keily, 19
Otho Liton, 24
James Love, 31
William McCann, 19
John A. Nelson, 21
Daniel Prosser, 46
Georgw W. Quillian, 19
John F. Rightly, 19
James W. Sheets, 35
Thomas C. Scott, 20
Isaac Toot, 24
James Underwood, 20
Joseph K. Welt, 29
Thomas Welch, 19
Silas Yocum, 20

Company F

James B. Donaldson, 45, Captain
Samuel C. Hutchison, 28, 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas B. Hammond, 32, 1st Sergeant
James W. McFadden, 35, Sergeant
Sylvester L. Brice, 23, Corporal (Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant December 20, 1862)
Anthony T. Lockwood, 30, Corporal
Michael Allen, 29
Volney Blue, 21
Isaac R. Crist, 19
Augustus T. Dorsey, 19
Alfred Doty, 28
Thomas Flint, 20
Wellington Gillespie, 25
Flavius J. Hendershot, 19
John Hess, 23
John Jobes, 26
Thomas H. Kirkland, 29
Christian May, 37
Thomas Nuss, 33
Robert Owens, 19
Nicanor Pugh, 28
Hiram K. Rader, 23
Hezekiah Staffell, 24
James Thornberry, 20
Asa Vanduyn, 36
George W. Wallace, 19

Company G


Samuel Rothacker, 39, 1st Lieutenant (Captain James T. Holmes was captured in Lexington, KY 9/1/62)
Addison M. Marsh, 24, 2nd Lieutenant
David F. Miser, 24, 1st Sergeant
Samuel M. Pyle, 19, Sergeant
Ross E. Rex, 30, Corporal
Henry K. Crabs, 27 Corporal (Got sick and died on November 27, 1862 at Bowling Green)
Jacob Angle, 39 (Got sick and died on December 11, 1862 at Bowling Green)
Michael Burchfield, 24 (Got sick and died on November 12, 1862 at Harrodsburg)
Clinton Critser, 34
Robert S. Dunbar, 44
Abraham Fickes, 35 (Got sick and died on October 30, 1862 at Louisville)
Brice R. Gruber, 21
Tinlis Hauser, 24
James E. Jackman, 20
William Kelly, 22
Ezra D. Lawrence, 25
Robert McIntosh, 26
Richard B. McFarren, 19
James L. Porter, 27
Enoch Probert, 24
John Rinehart, 19
Joseph Swan, 29
James Wallace Sr., 42
James Wallace Jr., 18
Julius B. Work, 28

Company H

Joseph A. Culbertson, 23, Captain (Resigned December 31, 1862)
Charles Swift, 27, 1st Lieutenant
Gossler Rudolph, 27, 1st Sergeant
Isaac L. Mills, 21, Sergeant
William C. Noone, 24, Corporal
John W. Coleman, 36, Corporal
Lorenzo Azbill, 24
John Bonhart, 26
Benjamin F. Clark, 20
David S. Dennis, 19 (Got sick and died on February 25, 1863 at Nashville)
John Elder, 21
John J. Farrell, 19
Alvin Goodwin, 19 (Got sick and died on December 28, 1862 at Nashville)
Patrick Hamilton, 19
John Henry, 31
John Klank, 19
Abraham Lewellen, 19, (Got sick and died on January 10, 1863 at Bowling Green)
Jacob Mentz, 21 (Detailed to Hescock’s Missouri Battery at Battle of Perryville)
Joseph W. Norton, 30
Daniel Owens, 20
Enos Reisch, 41
James K. Sowers, 19
John Smith, 21
Wesley Woodard, 26
David Walters, 41

Company I

Peter C. Schneider, 27, Captain
George A. Masury, 24, 1st Lieutenant
Ira H. Pool, 32, 1st Sergeant
Howell B. Treat, 29, Sergeant
David A. Roe, 36, Corporal
Ezra R. Beebe, 22, Corporal
Charles B. Alvard, 29
Richard Blodgett, 20
William H. Close, 27
Amos Eaton, 19
Deming B. Fish, 19
Joseph M. Garrison, 19
Mathias Hafele, 23
Michael Habermehl, 38
John Kraus, 41
William Lockard, 19
Samuel Miller, 20
John N. Norton, 23
Thomas Olds, 19
Herman Pilz, 33
Thomas H. Renark, 23
Philip Schaeffer, 28
Frederick Seivert, 30
George B. Titus, 26 (Got sick and died on December 8, 1862 at Nashville)
John M. Ulsenheimer, 46

Company K

Andrew S. Bloom, 24, Captain
Edward L. Anderson, 21, 1st Lieutenant
Henry Brakeman, 27, 1st Sergeant (Reduced to ranks on November 18, 1862)
Hiram Ellenwood, 32, Sergeant (Promoted from private, got sick and died on November 26, 1862 at Nashville)
Samuel J. Hoskins, 24, Corporal (Promoted to 1st Sergeant on November 20, 1862)
Leander C. Kelley, 21, Corporal
George Ainsworth, 22
Cyrus Baxter, 21
Grant C. Cook, 22
Thomas Duke, 34
Josiah Dye, 32
Henry Eldridge, 27
Francis Falter, 20
Jonathan H. Genson, 20 (Got sick and died on September 25, 1862 at Nashville)
Vincent Hawkins, 50 (Mustered as Corporal, reduced to private on September 25, 1862)
Andrew J. Jeffers, 24
Frank B. James, 21 (Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, Co. I on January 20, 1863)
Henry Koch, 26
James Lineback, 25
George W. Matthews, 20 (Discharged on October 28, 1862 at Louisville)
William Nevin, 19
Aaron Osmer, 33 (Got sick and died on February 5, 1863 at Nashville)
Blair H. Puffenberger, 26
Oscar L. Perrin, 19 (Got sick and died on November 7, 1862 at Bowling Green)
Isaac West, 43 (Got sick and died on December 1, 1862 at Bowling Green)


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