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Woodstock Sentinel
October 15?, 1862

The Woodstock Rifles in the Battle at Perryville, Ky.

We are indebted to Mr. H. Benson for the following letter from his son written on the battle field at Perryville, Ky. last Friday.

In Camp on Battlefield,
Oct. 10th, 1862

Dear Friends -- I don not, ere this, you have heard of the terrible battle which we had day before yesterday. It was terrible indeed. No pen or pencil can picture it ----- Our regiment never experienced anything like its equal before. But few of the 36th were killed, but quite a number were wounded, Wallace among the rest. He is not so seriously hurt -- was struck with a musket ball in the left leg, about 8 or ten inches from the body the ball glancing and coming out of itself, and I presume he will get a furlough and come home after a little. Thode Griffin (Captain Theodore Griffin of Company H from Woodstock) is also wounded. Nine of our company were struck - now seriously. I presume you will get all the particulars before you get this. I have not time to write much. I stood under heavy artillery and musketry fire for about 3 hours at one time, and didn't get a scratch. Now let me tell you that we thrashed the miserable rebels severely. I don't know what the name of the battle is. None others that you know are hurt.

I have no more time now, for I am going up to see Wallace (Wallace P. Benson was Orren's brother who both were from Dorr Township). Don't worry about Wallace -- he will be all right so_u.

We cleaned old Bragg out right.
In haste, ORREN.


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