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Welcome to the Battle of Perryville Casualty Database! This database only lists information on casualties of the battle, not every soldier who fought at the Battle of Perryville. As the counter above indicates, the database is not yet complete with all 7,607 casualty records. This is an on going project, with new information being added whenever it is available.

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The Battle of Perryville, also known as the Battle of Chaplin Hills, took place on October 8, 1862. Union and Confederate forces clashed just west of Perryville, a small market town located southwest of Lexington in the Commonwealth’s central bluegrass, as a culmination of the Kentucky Campaign of the American Civil War. The battle was the climax of a hard, six-week campaign that shifted the focus of the western war from northern Mississippi hundreds of miles toward the Ohio River, the battle ended inconclusively. Although a tactical Confederate victory, Gen. Braxton Bragg abandoned the hard-won field overnight to his numerically stronger foe and commenced a retreat that eventually led back to Middle Tennessee’s Stones River at the end of the year. Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell’s Union Army of the Ohio soon followed. Although the widespread Confederate dream of adding Kentucky to the Confederacy did not die at Perryville, the last realistic hopes of accomplishing it faded like the autumn leaves that fell on Bragg’s army during its sullen retreat. This battle was widely considered a strategic victory for the Union and is sometimes referred to as the Battle for Kentucky.

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