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Brigade Head Qrs  MA
Knoxville, Oct 28 1862

 Hon. G.W. Randolph Secy of War


I humbly tender my resignation as Col of the 29th Regt Tenn. Vol. upon the witness certificate.  I am satisfied I am unable to under go the exposure incident to camp life from actual exposure.

I am very respectfully
Your Obdt Servt
Sam Powel  Col 29 Regt Ten Vol.
3 Brigade 2 Division  A M

 Transcribed Witness Statement:

 Med [    ] Tenn 3d Brig

 I hereby certify that I have carefully examined Col Powel of 29th Tenn Regt Vol. Comd. Brig.  And find him suffering from a gunshot wound received nine months since.  The constant exposure to which this wound in the arm has been subjected has produced inflammation followed by suppuration.  As is attended with great pain and inability to use the arm which will [    ] [   ] & be [   ] in Camp.

He also has Rheumatism which is very troublesome when exposed.  And that in consequence there of it is in my opinion unfit for service.

I further declare my belief that he will not be able to resume his duties In a reasonable [     ] Time if ever.  In answer of the above I respectfully ask that His resignations accepted.

GE Goodson, Surg. 29th Tenn.   Regt & Senr. Surg. 3d Brig


Knoxville   Oct 28th 62     Col  29 Tenn
Resignation of Col      Approved
Sam Powel  29 Regt       [ ] B. Garrick
Tenssee Vol  Now Cmdg       Chf Surgeon
3 Brigade 2 Division   2nd Div A.M.


Knoxville    Approved and Respectfully Forwarded.
Patton Anderson
Brig Genl. Comd. 2 Div. A.M.

Approved and Respectfully Forwarded.

L. Polk
Majr Genl      HdQrs  SWAM
Comg              Oct 29 1862
Apd, respcty fwd
S.B. Buckner
Major Gen Cmdg S.W.

 Hd Qrs A.M



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